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Most of us understand the difference between playing the stock market and playing poker. Playing the stock market is called "investing", playing poker is called "gambling". Both involve risk, but its information that reduces the risk involved that makes the difference. Information reduces risk. The same is true when it comes to purchasing a house. The purchase of a home is the largest investment most of us will ever make and without a Pre-Purchase Inspection you are literally gambling with your financial future. A Pre-Purchase Inspection will help you gain valuable information. Information you can then use to determine whether or not to purchase the home or perhaps help you better negotiate a contract for purchase of the home. However you decide to use the information, one thing is for sure, your no longer gambling...you're making an informed business decision 
In the hands of a talented Realtor a Pre-Listing Inspection is a powerful marketing tool. Even though the law requires full disclosure, any Realtor will tell you that fear of the unknown is the hardest stumbling block for a buyer to overcome. A Pre-Listing Inspection can help you reach full disclosure and in the process calm the fears of a potential buyer.  A Pre-Listing Inspection will document all problems and subsequent repairs. This information can then be used to calm the fears of a potential buyer...securing a contract much faster while reducing risk for all parties involved.  
Believe it or not many new homes are still being built without inspections; especially in areas outside the city limits.  Building a home without an inspection process is unwise for both you and your builder. The problem is two-fold. Your builder needs, and in most cases, wants someone to say the job has been done correctly to reduce the likelihood of future liability. Unless there is an inspection process being conducted by an experienced and knowledgeable inspector... that job falls to you. Sound simple...not really. In most cases, you do not have the experience and knowledge to build your own home, thus the need to hire a builder. The result...an unpleasant  adversarial relationship with your builder.  A New Construction Inspection changes the dynamics of your relationship with your builder. What you need is an experienced, impartial third party that both you and your builder can trust. Instead of your relationship being adversarial, under the direction of an experienced inspector, your relationship will be that of teammates.  A New Home Inspection should be conducted at every major phase of construction. These inspections will promote a more pleasant building experience while reducing risk for both you and your builder.
In most states the law requires a builder to provide a 1-year warranty.  To get the most out of this warranty, you should hire a professional home inspector to inspect your home just prior to the 1 year anniversary. Both you and your builder will rest easier knowing that a professional, impartial, third- party assessed the house. Your builder can then use the inspection report to fulfill his warranty obligations.  You will have peace of mind knowing your home has undergone a thorough inspection and knowing that you have gotten the most out of your 1-Year Warranty.