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How long will a home inspection take?

It depends on the size & condition of the house. An average 2,000 square foot house will take about 2 hours on-site and an additional 2-3 hours of off-site paper work. The entire process from the time payment is verified, in most cases is less than 24 hours. Inspections done on Friday or Saturday may take until the following week to complete a report.
Is an older home held to the same standards as a newer home?

The short answer is no. There is a graduated change in focus the older the home...1-5 years, 5-10 years, 10-15, and so on. This is where experience comes into play. It should be understood by all parties involved, that an older home by nature cannot and should not be held to the same high standards as a new home. With an older home the inspection focuses on structural and mechanical integrity as well as health and safety issues. A new home inspection will include all of the above as well as cosmetics. 
Do you take into consideration the contract price of the home?

No, that is strictly between you and your Realtor.

If you find something wrong, does the seller have to make the repair in order to sell the home?

No. The inspection is for information purposes only. How the repairs are made (if at all) is strictly between you and the other parties named on a contract.  In most cases, how repairs are made are part of the contract negotiations between the seller and the buyer. The information provided in our inspections helps both parties better negotiate a fair deal for all parties involved.
Will you reinspect to make sure repairs are made correctly?

Yes. For a trip fee of $75.00, I will offer an opinion as to whether the repair has been made in a workman-like manner and then update your original report.
Are you licensed?

Yes. I am a licensed Home Inspector. I have been a licensed General Contractor(retired), licensed Electrician (retired) and a licensed Realtor (retired) in the State of Tennessee. I also hold a B.S. Degree in Business. Remember, while its important to hire an inspector that is licensed and well educated, its more important to hire an inspector with "real-life" experience.
Why do you encourage doing business through and online website?

In short, the answer is speedconvenience and consistencyIt is so much faster and easier for our clients to make their inspection request online, pay their bill online, and view their report online. In most cases, the whole process takes less than 24 hours and they never have to leave the comfort of their own home or office.

Second, efficiency and consistency. It cost our clients less money in terms of time spent, gas expense, wear & tear on a vehicle and paper. In today's world that can add up to a lot of money.  And, in terms of consistency,  a website makes it much easier for us to make sure we have made full disclosure about our services and are delivering the same high quality report to every client, every time.

What are my payment options?

For your convenience we accept all major credit/debit cards. We do not accept personal checks or cash. All payments must be made online prior to inspection.

Do I have to be present for the home inspection?

No, but we do encourage you and your agent to be present if possible. We feel our clients get more out of the experience when they see first hand what goes into a home inspection and can ask questions during the inspection.

Can I pay for my inspection at closing?

No. Payment must be made prior to inspection. Obviously you will need to view the report before closing. And some of the information contained in the report may be a determining factor in your decision to purchase the home. In fact, in most cases the contract is contingent upon the outcome of the home inspection. In other words, there may not be a closing. It is for this reason, payment is required before you may view the report

Why won't you turn On/Off utilities? (Gas, Water, Sewer, Electricity)

Here we are talking about main supply lines. We are not talking about flushing a toilet or turning on a bedroom light. Turning utilities On or Off seems to be a simple request, but in reality its not. Utilities are turned On or Off for a reason and our inspectors have no idea what that reason might be. Turning the utilities On or Off could be dangerous or cause property damage. In short, without a complete understanding of the history of the house and full knowledge of why the utilities were turned On or Off, the risk and liability of turning them back On or Off  is too high. 
Do you inspect for termites?

No, however, we do look for damage that may have been caused by termites. With that said, we do not treat for termites. The report will be based solely on a visual inspection. Sometimes termite damage cannot be seen. It is for this reason we recommend that all houses be inspected by a certified pest control specialist before finalizing a purchase agreement. We also recommend that all houses be placed under contract with a reputable pest control company whereby the house will be inspected for termites on an annual basis. 
Why do you require payment up-front?
In short, to protect our interest as well as the interest of all others involved. In most cases, the information we provide is a determining factor in the sale of a home. To insure our clients and all parties involved that the information we provide is in no way influenced by contract contingencies, we require payment up-front. Regardless, of the outcome of our inspection, we want all parties involved to be confident the information we provide is not biased in any way, for any reason.  Furthermore, we are required to invest a considerable amount of time, energy and money in order to compile and deliver the required information. For these reasons, it is our policy that payment must be made up-front, no exceptions.  We have found that this policy protects the integrity of our company, instills confidence in the information we provide, protects the interest of all parties involved and insures a smoother closing process.
Will my online payment be secure?

Yes. We use Authorize Net to process all online payments. Authorize Net is the largest online credit card processing company in the U.S. 

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What is a home inspection?

We have provided a link to a complete definition of a home inspection below.
Do you inspect the crawl space?

Yes...if it is reasonably accessible. However, we will not go under or over plumbing or duct work that is too close to the ground...doing so can cause damage to these mechanical systems. We will not crawl through standing water or mud. If the inspector finds excessive water in the crawl space, the inspections ends until the crawl space has been dried out...at which time the inspector will return and complete the inspection.
Do you inspect the roof?

Yes...but how the inspector chooses to inspect the roof is at his discretion. Depending on the weather and the pitch of the roof, the inspector may choose to walk the roof. However, in most cases, it simply is not necessary to walk the roof. To do so is dangerous and can damage the roof.  In most cases the inspector will inspect the roof  from a ladder or the ground only. No inspector can determine if a future leak will occur regardless of whether he/she walks on the roof. A leak does not necessarily mean the roof is bad. Don't be fooled by an inexperienced inspector or an inspector trying to justify their high fees who claims walking on the roof is a must...that is simply not true. Remember the objective is to determine the overall condition of the roof...not to "knit pick" minor flaws that have no significant bearing on the overall condition of the roof.  Pointing out these flaws serve no purpose and may unnecessarily discourage you or your client from purchasing a good house.